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A Guidebook to Handcuffs and Other Restraints of the World Vol 1 & 2


Hard to find book sby Alex.R.Nichols


This book is essential reading for all serious handcuffs and restraints collectors and is volume one of what is rumoured to eventually be a trilogy. The 300 plus pages contain hundreds of illustrations including flogging benches, every conceivable type and make of leg irons and handcuffs and a large number of the pictures show the devices in use. The cover pictures show two prisoners in County Jail uniform wearing prison restraints.


Yet another masterpiece by the renowned Alex Nichols. Every serious collector of handcuffs needs both volumes. If you thought that the first book was packed with information and there was nothing more to add then you in for a real surprise. There are many more colour plates in this volume, mainly showing the various handcuffs and leg irons in use. Brilliant!

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