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Welcome to the David De-Val Magic & Escapology Website

David De-Val was a master escape artist and magician from the UK, over his career he escaped from handcuffs and other restraints, as well as performing many spectacular escapes, many of which were from prison cells.


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I hope you find it interesting and informative.  Thank You to Andy Robertson for starting this website and his years of research.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy the site.


Rebecca and Allan Taylor

Breaking News - Cell Escape Challenge on Halloween

This event will be Broadcast live on Scottish TV ( STV)

The Peterhead Prison Museum is excited to announce that a real jail escape attempt will be happening on Halloween.

Scottish escape artist Andy Robertson is planning to attempt the impossible at Peterhead Prison Museum on 31st of October 2017. Andy will attempt to escape from a locked high security cell at the former prison. This is a once in a lifetime event not to be missed. Andy is the only Scottish member of the UKEA (United Kingdom Escape Artists) and we are proud to be hosting this amazing event.

To our knowledge this has never been attempted before under such strict conditions in Scotland.

Andy has been challenged by Rebecca the daughter of the world famous escape artist the late David De-Val, to undertake the attempt by challenging Andy to do it under a very process. Some would say the challenge is indeed not only very difficult, but impossible.

The challenge is as follows: The cell is to be checked, Andy will be searched and fully examined by a professional medic to ensure nothing to aid his attempt is concealed on his person. A Locksmith will verify and check restraints, then put Andy in modern type ankle restraints and handcuffs. The prison cell is very secure, it has a high security window & custodial lock that will also be checked and verified. Andy will then be locked in and has a maximum of 30 minutes to escape the restraints and the prison cell!

Can he do it?

Andy said:

“ The challenge to do the escape attempt under very strict and challenging circumstances has added more complexity to what is going to be for me the ultimate test of my ability as an escape artist and escapologist. I have accepted the challenge under one condition, that Rebecca & the public attend the escape attempt to verify it is carried out as stated. The former Peterhead Prison although now a museum remains to have a very realistic prison environment nothing has changed for the exception there is no prisoners! This for me makes it the perfect place to undertake the escape. Also the date of the attempt is important as it will be the anniversary of the famous escape artist and jail breaker Harry Houdini who died on the 31st of October in 1926. Come and see if the once notorious Peterhead Prison can hold me prisoner.”

On the night you can come and meet Andy and inspect the cell & restraints to be used as well as being part of this sensational night. Photos and filming is only permitted prior to and after the attempt as filming the actual escape is not permitted under code of ethics and by law.